Book Review: The Reluctant Vampire

Over two years later, Harper remains locked in the grip of overwhelming guilt over after the death of the woman who was to be his mate after failing to survive her turning. Convinced he has lost his one shot at ever having a life mate, Harper finds his life turned upside down by Drina Argenis, the rogue Hunter assigned to help safeguard Stephanie, a gifted teen who was turned after an attack by no-fangers. Suddenly, Harper is learning about things like FM shoes while rediscovering the pleasures of eating and vividly imagining Drina in compromising situations, all signs that point toward her being his life mate. As Stephanie plays matchmaker, she confides in Drina about the barrage of noise in her head, being able to read the minds of those around her and sense when there are connections between people. It is a condition that could lead Stephanie to madness if she cannot be taught to block but first her protectors must discover who is trying to kill her.

Sands continues her popular Argeneau series now on book fifteen, with another fun story full of quirky characters, an unexpected antagonist, a skunk and the drama of Mirabeau’s life mate going through the turn. The dialog is upbeat and the interaction between Stephanie and Drina on a Wal-Mart shopping trip with Harper in tow is hilarious. Leonius continues to be a presence and Stephanie’s future is likely to play a role in upcoming novels so there is more to look forward to although the continued theme of new life mates confronting someone trying to kill them is growing a little old.


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