Book Review: The Panama Laugh

A hard driven pace, laughing zombies, mercenaries, crime lords and an amnesiac, what’s not to like! Six weeks after the zombie apocalypse swept the world, Dante “Frosty” Bogart finds himself naked in the jungle with no memory of how he got there or indeed, anything from the previous five years. Bogart struggles simply to stay alive, find a safe haven and avoid being bitten by zombies but it is imperative that he locate friends and regain those lost memories. The problem with memories is Bogart’s suspicions about his involvement with the apocalypse may be confirmed.

Roche throws some inventive, sometimes chilling new twists to the zombie genre while creating a dynamite, tightly written action tale full of deadly weaponry and splatters. The character development and world building is top-notch as San Francisco and Panama are brought to life. Plentiful quips help lighten the tone and make no mistake, there is a full measure of gore presented in this complex story yet it doesn’t feel contrived or out of place. Only the rapidly shifting perspectives between present day and flashbacks take away from what is surely one of the best zombie books released this year.
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