Book Review: The New Atheism

Stenger expands on the principles he put forward in God: The Failed Hypothesis while addressing some of his sharpest critics in what is sure to become another New York Times best seller. In particular, the author presents well-reasoned counterarguments to the charge that the presence of God cannot be determined by scientific methods. He compellingly argues that God’s presence could be measured if it existed and the absence of evidence where it should exist is proof there is no God.

The author takes an unflinching look at the many inconsistencies in the way society, especially the media treats religious fanatics by redirecting attention away from faith-based reasons for their actions in favor of claiming political or personal agendas. He illustrates the obvious shortcomings of the religious right who rely more on the volume of their arguments then on legitimate points. One of Stinger’s more memorable quotes is “Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings.”

Well reasoned with the research and data to back his assertions, this points out theism’s flaws in the face of sound science. This accessible book breaks free of the dogmatic double speak and blatant distortion to access some unpleasant truths about religion. The fact that an omnipotent being didn’t create the universe doesn’t make the universe any less remarkable nor will embracing this fact turn people into immoral monsters.

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