Book Review: The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

Lara Madigan didn’t allow her success driven mother, Justine stand in the way of her unusual calling as a doggie matchmaker. From the first time she watched the magic happen between an abandoned poodle and one of Justine’s rich spa clients, Lara was hooked on matching dogs to just the right owner. Unfortunately, Lara’s boyfriend Evan is not a dog person and despite a string of well meaning promises, the strain of having a houseful of needy, chewing, drooling, shedding dogs proves too much for him. After breaking their engagement, Lara is forced to move back home with her mother who is secretly having health issues.

A brief appearance on the local TV news leads to a flurry of new clients, all in need of Lara’s deft dog training and people handling skills. From an obese flabrador and his diet-obsessed owner to a sweet older woman coming to terms with being divorced by entering the dog show circuit, Lara has her hands full. Though Lara has vowed to move out of her mother’s house ASAP, the stay is allowing mother and daughter some necessary bonding time as they both enter a new phase in their lives. An encounter with a basset hound running loose on the freeway leads Lara to a chance at love that won’t go to the dogs.

Kendrick’s latest romance will appeal to dog lovers who can doubtless relate to the many funny, dog-owner moments as well as their less entertaining destructive tendencies. Plenty of quirky humor and real life problems like coping with a constantly screaming colicky baby keep the smooth paced story plausible. The variety of finely honed characters is a treat and really, the only questionable part of the book is how Lara can manage all she does while holding down a regular job. Readers looking for a light, engaging romance need to curl up with their favorite dog and enjoy.

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