Book Review: The Lost Fleet

For those familiar with the Lost Fleet series, Dreadnaught is the logical follow-up to previous titles despite Campbell’s assertion that this is the start of a new saga. Captain John Geary, better known as Black Jack Geary, has emerged from a hundred years of cryogenic sleep to assume command and bring the Alliance Fleet home after the conclusion of a century long war with the Syndicate Worlds. But after all his service instead of being able to enjoy quiet married life with his new wife Tanya, Geary is given a dangerous assignment that leaves him wondering if he is being sent on a suicide mission. It seems that his success during the war has made Geary a popular figure with the public, so much so that military and political bureaucrats want him out of the way.

Campbell is to be commended for another excellent addition to one of the best military science fiction series on the market. Although the focus has been taken off epic space battles, the action, political intrigue and character development remain spot-on. All the characters from previous titles are included along with a fascinating lieutenant who possess the impressive skill of obfuscation and readers are treated to more insight into the aliens. This delivers everything fans expect from Black Jack Geary and more.


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