Book Review: The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer

When the author was reluctantly roped into adopting two small Labrador puppies, he had no idea the sort of journey of discovery the B Brothers would launch him on. As an attorney just starting his own business, Doug felt the daily pressures of having a staff depending upon him. Within a few short days, Beezer and Boomer made a place for themselves in the tiny office as well as Doug’s heart and later, were a steadying influence throughout a divorce. Doug and the B Brothers shared nine happy years before the specter of kidney disease raised its ugly head to threaten Beezer’s life.

Given ninety days to live, Doug vowed to do whatever it took to cure Beezer’s condition. Despite hours of Internet research, concocting special diets, trying new drug therapies and use of animal communicators, Beezer’s condition worsened. Gripped by guilt, terrified by the possibility that he missed something important, Doug ulcerated about what to do for his beloved companion while letting his business slide. Eventually, as Doug maintained Herculean efforts to keep Beezer properly medicated and comfortable he began to learn important life messages from his beloved friend. The life lessons learned were seriously tested when Boomer faced the same diagnoses potentially putting Doug through the same emotional wringer or in a prime position to gain more insights.

This sweet, heartfelt tribute to a pair of unforgettable canine companions and the lessons their owner learned at their capable paws will ring true for anyone lucky enough to have been loved by a big-hearted dog. While emotional about his dogs, little mention is made of the author’s divorce or ex-wife. The expense and effort behind the ongoing efforts to extend Beezer and Boomer’s lives went well beyond what most working class people could muster but the overall message still applies. So curl up with your dog and a box of Kleenex and see your friend in a slightly different light.

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