Book Review: The Last Grave

After Samantha’s mother and fellow coven members nearly killed her in an attempt to raise a demon, the young witch swore off magic. As she grew to adulthood, Samantha became adept at hiding her background and began working for the Boston Police Department. Pressured to use her abilities on a case cost Samantha the trust of fellow officers and led to being reassigned to San Francisco. While investigating a bizarre murder, Samantha detects the use of black magic and as the investigation deepens, she encounters a powerful coven is responsible for a string of unusual earthquakes. Not only are they earthquakes in the classic sense but they also alter time. Pitted against an impossibly strong witch, Samantha is forced to rely on her considerable power but it comes with a price. To further confound things, Samantha keeps finding the words, the last grave wherever there has been strong magic use. With a powerful demon looking to escape his mountain cage, Samantha will have to look deep into her past and open doors best left closed if she is to assist another witch in defeating the coven’s plans and keeping the creature captive.

Viguie’s second installment of the Witch Hunt series will capture readers’ attention in the first chapter and builds from there. Although Samantha tries hard not to use magic, it appears the universe has other plans as she constantly faces difficult choices and not using her gifts could get people killed. The timequakes are an interesting addition, especially at the conclusion which throws a bit of a curve. Cat lovers will be jealous they can’t conjure a Freaky Kitty of their own; he is a sweet little touch. Plenty of magical action, a few needy characters, Samantha’s new partner and revelations behind the meaning of the last grave make for another strong addition to the series.

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