Book Review: The Kill Switch

This globe trotting action adventure features Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and canine companion Kane, a military trained Belgian Malinois who together, form a close-knit team that’s hard to beat. With the possible reappearance of an ancient microbe known as LUCA which is capable of incredible destruction, the team are charged with spiriting Dr. Abram Bukolov out of Russia and keeping him safe. Even with considerable help from several sources, extracting Bukolov is no simple task as every secret and not-so-secret agency is determined to prevent the doctor from leaving the country. Once Bukolov is relocated, Tucker and Kane are off to South Africa to find the LUCA sample before anyone else can. Should they fail, LUCA could well fall into the hands of those who would turn it into a weapon of mass destruction but of course, that is not going to be easy, even with the best of dogs at your side.

Though a bit formulaic, this fast moving story delivers plenty of the tension laced action readers expect from Rollins. The bond between Tucker and Kane is the best part of the tale although the dog is portrayed as being considerably more intelligent then what would be realistic. For his part, Tucker appears to be indestructible as he bounces back from fights and injuries, always ready for more. There are enough shootouts, explosions, traps and twists to hold fans interest all the way to the rather predictable conclusion.


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