Book Review: The Investigation of Ariel Warning

When identical twins Adam and David Remler, both writer-producers, advertised for an assistant to help them develop screenplays, they couldn’t have imagined the sequence of events set in motion by that simple advertisement. From the first, Ariel Warning seemed like the perfect assistant, she had experience working with twins and even had her own ideas for a screenplay that quickly became the focus of their work. Adam tries hard to be happy that David has finally found love and happiness with Ariel but he cannot shake the impression she is after a romantic relationship with him as well. Adam’s friend Margot is suspicious of Ariel with her many behavioral quirks and uncanny connections to William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Eventually, Adam succumbs to Ariel’s advances which naturally, leads to self-loathing and a huge riff between the two brothers. At Margot’s insistence, Adam continues investigating the mysterious Ariel and what he discovers reveals a web of lies, deceit and murder.

This unusual mystery involves self-delusion on a massive scale, betrayals, accidental death and murder. The fully developed characters make this story work as it delves deep into personal history, tragedy and the identity issues faced by identical twins. There are twists and turns aplenty as this haunting tale plays out to its fateful conclusion.   

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