Book Review: The Geometric Unconscious

This beautiful book was inspired by the Sheldon Museum of Art’s holdings in geometric abstraction spanning more then a hundred years. The text is composed of four insightful essays that include “Impeccable Order” by Sheldon’s curator Sharon Kennedy, “The Crisis in Geometry” which challenges preconceived notions, “New Directions in Geometric Abstraction” and “The Geometric Unconscious and the Esoteric Life of Modern Art.” These essays add considerable appreciation to the body of work presented here in full color and includes paintings, fabricated metalwork, small and large-scale sculpture, vacuum cleaners, underwear and more. Vivid colors, bold lines and generally thinking outside the box is a hallmark of these pieces which challenge onlooker’s perceptions and ideas. Isn’t that what art is really all about? This book will to appeal to art lovers and students of any age and is certain to instill a deeper appreciation of geometric abstract design in general.
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