Book Review: The Genius of the Beast

Inarguably the past decade has been tough on the American economy as well as its leadership roles at home and abroad. Capitalism in general appears to be in decline leaving many to wonder at its fate. Bloom seeks to address these and many other concerns in this absorbing, insightful look at the inner machinations of capitalism, the how, where and why’s of what it is, the way it works and doesn’t.

The first third of the book may leave readers wondering exactly where Bloom is going before he brings it all together in such a way as to reinvent the beast of capitalism and inspire hope for a brighter future. Most importantly, Bloom asserts that as creatures with a conscience, we can choose to make morally correct choices even if those decisions don’t add to the bottom line. Emotions are not to be coldly incised from the decision making process but instead, should be embraced as they allow us to stretch our horizons. Engrossing, uplifting and educational, this is a fascinating examination of capitalism will leave readers looking at our economy in a new way and with deeper understanding.

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