Book Review: The First Prophet

It has been nearly six months since Sarah Gallagher awoke from a coma and realized she possessed psychic abilities that allowed her to see the future. As her powers continue to grow, she is understandably shaken by a vision showing her death. When an arsonist destroys her home, Sarah realizes the man or men who have been watching around the clock are out to get her. With writer Tucker Mackenzie’s timely arrival on the day Sarah’s house burned down, she finds an unexpected ally. Tucker doesn’t think she is crazy and is determined to protect Sarah and change the destiny she has foreseen. As they begin living on the run, always heading north, Sarah is sought by a shadowy, deadly organization that has been systematically killing or abducting psychics. As Sarah’s abilities grow, so too the danger and knowing whom to trust is literally a matter of life and death.

First of the Bishop Files series, an offshoot of the popular Bishop Special Crimes Unit series, this entertaining fantasy tale makes little mention of Haven or Bishop’s role as a handler. Instead, this is primarily a set-up volume full of vague illusions to a global network that has systematically been recruiting or killing psychics for years. Few details are provided and when the acting leader of the organization meets face to face with Bishop, surprisingly neither makes an effort to kill the other. Hooper fans by be confused when the basic ground rules established in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series do not appear to apply in this book so remember this is an offshoot and there are bound to be differences. Considering the anticlimactic conclusion and lack of information, this is an entertaining light read, let’s hope for more substance in the next addition.

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