Book Review: The Fire King

Soria, a member of the clandestine organization Dirk & Steel was still coming to terms with losing her dominant arm a year ago and the dissolving of her relationship with Roland, the organization’s main contact when summoned back to headquarters. With the unique ability to understand any language, Soria is sent to interrogate and determine the danger posed by a chimera discovered in an ancient tomb. After three thousand years, Karr was reawakened by forces unknown to find himself in a strange new world where it is likely all his kind are long dead. Only Soria can understand him and although she frees him from the horrors of captivity, he has no idea whose side she is on.

Centuries earlier, shape-shifters and the chimera became bitter enemies and it appears the old battle is about to be rekindled with Karr’s appearance. Neither side of the conflict realizes they were set up and betrayed by a powerful, trusted ally determined to destroy as much as possible. With mercenaries, shape-shifters and the feared Dragon Lady, Long Nu closing in, Karr and Soria have little choice but to trust each other. With the assistance of some unexpected friends willing to face personal demons, Karr and Soria might just live long enough to explore their growing attraction.

This blend of paranormal romance and supernatural thriller is an action packed, fast paced read that hits all the right notes. While the attraction and tension between Karr and Soria is maintained throughout the story, it is the mystery surrounding his reawakening, imprisonment and subsequent attacks by unidentified forces that makes the story. The character development and plotlines are stellar and just what readers expect from Marjoire M. Liu.

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