Book Review: The Exodus Quest

From the author of The Alexander Cipher comes another suspenseful, action packed adventure featuring archeologist Daniel Knox and partner Gaille Bonnard in a race with a fanatical Christian group and corrupt law officials. It all starts with a chance encounter at the marketplace where a piece of pottery grabs Knox’s attention. At stake is evidence in an ancient secret chamber that could potentially tie Akhenaton and Harpocrates to the Exodus and perhaps, to Adam and Eve. With dreams of fame and fortune, an Egyptian cop and a psycho preacher each resort to drastic measures including kidnapping and murder to throw Knox off the trail. Fortunately, he has the assistance of an honorable Egyptian policeman who sees his daughter’s face on that of a young murder victim.

Adams has created a cracking good tale balancing politics, Egyptology, religious agendas and murder with just the right touch of romance and soul searching. The fully developed characters work through the assorted subplots with ease while Knox’s feelings for Gaille begin taking on more depth. The tension level is maintained all the way through to the cliff-hanging climax and is sure to leave readers wanting more from this talented author.


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