Book Review: The Double Cross

Award winning quilter Susanne Hendrick was thrilled to be the instructor for a weeklong quilting retreat held in a B&B in the small Adirondack town of Winston. Susanne’s first venture into being a paid instructor drew the support of her local circle of friends including quilt shop owner Eleanor Cassidy, her granddaughter Nell Fitzgerald and Bernadette, better known as Bernie. From the first introductions there seemed to be something strange about the motley group of students, most of whom knew nothing about quilting and some showed little interest in the class. Bernie was having difficulties seeing George and Rita Olnhausen, owners of the B&B again. Back in school, Bernie and Rita had been inseparable friends but since Rita’s marriage to Bernie’s former boyfriend George, the two women had not spoken to each other. 

When George’s body is discovered covered with Bernie’s quilt she immediately becomes the primary murder suspect. Susanne, Eleanor and especially the ever-inquisitive Nell rally in defense of their friend aided by Nell’s on again/off again lover Jesse Dewalt, police chief of Archers Rest. Nell and Jesse have been having their share of relationship problems due to her interest in crime solving but those difficulties will have to take a back burner if she is to stay alive long enough to thwart a very clever murderer.

Quilting mystery readers will love the descriptions of journal quilting, a passion nonquilters may find detracts from this nicely paced whodunit with plenty of twists and surprising plot points. Well-developed imagery of the broken down B&B and mountain setting coupled with nicely rounded characters create a fast, warm read best enjoyed while wrapped in a handmade quilt on a blustery fall day.


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