Book Review: The Bungalow

Best friends Anne Calloway and Kitty Morgan went to nursing school together despite the misgivings of their families and as World War II escalates, wondered how best to put their new skills to work. Growing up in a well-to-do, society conscience family, Anne was expected to marry the equally privileged son of a banker though she wondered if there might be something more to life. When Kitty announced her intentions to serve in the South Pacific, Anne put her wedding plans on hold and leaped at the opportunity to do something meaningful. When they landed on Bora-Bora, neither could know how life altering their decision would be. Kitty would give birth to an out of wedlock child, something that simply was not done by proper young ladies in the 1940’s, Anne would discover true love and together, she and Westry would discover a priceless painting that would continue to remain hidden for another seventy years.

This romantic story unfolds as Anne, now a grandmother receives a letter from Bora-Bora prompting a recounting of her time spent on the island to granddaughter Jennifer. Stalled in her research project about a mysterious sculpture gifted in 1964 to the University of Washington, Jennifer accompanies Anne back to the island. The trip not only allowed Anne to revisit the past but also brought to light answers about what happened one fateful night when a beautiful young native woman was murdered.

Friendship, loss, betrayal, murder and enduring love set on an exotic tropical island during WWII and in present day combine in this captivating tale that will touch the heart. It is the setting, dripping with humidity, filled with hibiscus flowers, sugar sand and turquoise waters form the backdrop for the frightening reality of war that gives the story credibility. Pure, unabashed chic-lit with an interesting mystery, this concludes with a satisfying upbeat tone while wrapping up several loose ends with some fascinating coincidences.

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