Book Review: The Bride Wore Black Leather

In the heart of London lurks the Nightside, a place where it is always dark, gods walk the street and the impossible happens on a routine basis. Years ago, John Taylor found himself in that strange part of town then managed to build a business for finding things and a reputation for trouble. Now, as the newly appointed Walker, John is looking for one last good private eye case before closing up shop and starting a new life. Shortly after the death of the King of Skin at a large party of immortals that he crashed, John found himself the target of Nightside’s scariest bounty hunter, none other then Suzie Shooter, his pregnant fiancé. As the cryptic line “Let the sun shine” appears around Nightside, John follows the trail to the Sun King who plans on changing Nightside forever. Only by pushing his gift beyond the limit of endurance and aided by a host of friends at his back, can John hope to avert disaster and still get to the church on time.

With the fast pace and variety of strange characters both dead and alive, this is exactly what Green’s fans have come to expect from the steamy streets of Nightside. The beginning works a little too hard at creating a feel of how strange Nightside is as most readers are already well acquainted with its oddities. The rest of the tale is a satisfying romp as John struggles to make sense of what’s going on while staying alive long enough to solve the case in the face of a “God” with delusions of grandeur. Should be fun to see where Green takes John, Suzie and the rest of the gang from here.

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