Book Review: The Angelic Way

This thoughtful examination looks at the spiritual, philosophical and psychological role angels play in the human experience. Due to the prevalence of angels across culture, religion and race, Shapiro concludes there is a deep-seated need for these messengers between God and humanity. While Shapiro looks at angelic messengers as interpreted by a number of belief systems, he focuses primarily on their deeper psycho-spiritual meanings as found in the images associated with Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Regardless of your belief system, Shapiro looks at angelic tales such as the transformation of Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt, from an entirely different perspective then most readers are familiar up with. The general conclusion is that angels are representative of our higher spiritual selves attempting to guide us toward the greater good.

Although most people tend to see angels as tangible winged messengers of God interceding of our behalf, this contemplative book prompts readers to take a broader, more philosophical view. As a former congregational rabbi with twenty years of experience, the author brings welcomed depth and broader interpretations to angelic visits and their possible meanings.

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