Book Review: Ten Healthy Teas

Herbalist Lull introduces readers to the benefits of tea in this top ten list of healthy sipping. Included with each tea is the scientific name, medicinal uses, light general history and how they are each best enjoyed. Several recipes including some tasty blends are provided with each variety along with helpful tea tips about where to find things like plain cranberry tea or how to mask the green grass taste of green tea. Don’t miss the delicious Holiday Punch which includes cranberry tea, apple juice and cinnamon for a yummy wintertime cup. The garlic tea would likely take some getting used to but the ginger, peppermint, raspberry and lemon are sure to find an appreciative audience. What a treat to find something tasty that is actually good for you and thanks to this approachable introduction, accessible to anyone capable of boiling water. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.