Book Review: Supervolcano: All Fall Down

Continuing the “what if” scenario begun with Supervolcano: Eruption, this story crosses the United States as it follows the story of L.A. police lieutenant Colin Ferguson and his far flung family during the aftermath of a massive volcanic explosion in the Yellowstone basin. The supervolcano has devastated major portions of the country, disrupted the global climate, tanked the U.S. economy and turned daily life into a struggle for essentials. Colin remains frustrated in his efforts to track down a serial killer while his new wife Kelly is hard at work teaching and completing her doctorate. Colin’s ex-wife, Louise must cope with an unexpected pregnancy after her boyfriend walked out on her. One son is living home with Colin and Kelly while trying to make a living through his writing, the other son is in Maine where he was stranded while performing in a band. Daughter Vanessa is struggling with life in one of the many relocation camps that sprang up, doing whatever it takes to better her situation and escape.

Although the storylines provide several different perspectives on life throughout the country following a supervolcano explosion, the full impact of such an event doesn’t make as much of an impression as in might because it is Colin’s family and their trials that advance the tale. Colin’s family and secondary characters are well developed and while there is some tension and conflicts, it is their response to radically different conditions that drive what can be a slow moving story.

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