Book Review: Supernatural

Tying in with the hit CW network show Supernatural, monster hunter Bobby Singer finds himself in deep trouble following an assignment in Ashland, Wisconsin that has made Swiss cheese of his memory…and it’s progressive. Bobby cannot even remember where his car is and has no memory of returning home after a side trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Knowing it is only a matter of time before his memories disappear forever, Bobby attempts to record the knowledge gained over years of hunting assorted supernatural creatures. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn more of Bobby’s wife Karen, earlier cases, the Colt, Dean’s amulet, Rufus, the Winchester’s and more, all while he struggles to remember what happened to him. The climax neatly wraps up the question while providing a way for further adventures from the supernatural hunters.

Although it is helpful to have some familiarity with the show to have a better feel for the established characters, it isn’t a necessity as this is interesting enough to stand on its own. Reed fully captures Dean’s perspective and for the most part, gets Bobby’s character spot on while filling readers in on a broad range of topics from previous episodes. The unusual storytelling method works surprisingly well making this an entertaining paranormal read that can be enjoyed in one sitting.

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