Book Review: Summer Storm

Known as the four-leaf clover, high school aged best friends Annie, Steffi, Roger and Justin grew up together and felt like they knew everything there was to know about each other. Annie’s cousin Gina and her uncle had just moved in with her parents. In an attempt to make her feel welcome, Annie invited Gina for a bike ride to the local swimming hole with the group. What should have been an uneventful afternoon of swimming and sun turned scary when Gina vanished. With a number of peeping Tom’s and other deviants slinking around the lake, Gina’s disappearance caused understandable concern while demonstrating how little the four friends really knew about each other.

At one hundred thirty-nine pages, this taut young adult suspense is a quick read that can be devoured in one sitting. The fast pace and real world issues of friendships, newfound sexuality and a long held family secret will grab the reader’s interest and hold it to the end. The only off note is the strangely out of place epilog. 

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