Book Review: Suck On This Year

Stuck on a holiday gift, need a little stocking stuffer, look no further then this LYAO hilarious collection of the year’s best quips from Leary’s many Tweets on Twitter. Politicians, the Pope, Hollywood notables and assorted special studies take the brunt of Leary’s wit though anything is considered fair game. Packed with gems like, “Mexican government considers legalizing pot. Finally, a reason to sneak IN to Mexico.” “Vatican revises rule on clergy sex abuse: kids now get a 5 second head start.” “Survey: 1 in 5 high school students have abused prescription drugs. The other 4 are no fun at all.” “Sarah Palin. Excellent argument for separation of church and brain.”

Several observations are accompanied by equally entertaining photos including Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson and assorted politicians. And if you don’t know what LYAO means, you will by the time you finish this slim but highly entertaining “mini-book.”

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