Book Review: Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

This delightfully demented collection of stories is rather like taking a walk through the looking glass, you just never know where you’ll end up. Whether it’s an octopus living in a big city apartment building or a man who goes on an adventure with a mountain taking a walk beneath the sea, you can expect the unexpected from Loory. In “The Fish in the Teapot”, a man manages to alienate all his friends and acquaintances while searching for a missing fish and befriends a woman whose cousin had his whole porch stolen. Tired of projecting a steady stream of drivel into the family living room, a TV unplugs itself and embarks on a search for someone looking for more intelligent programming in “The TV and Winston Churchill.”

These are merely a tease to tempt you into picking up a copy of this amusing book. Varying from a few lines to about twelve pages, these short stories deliver surprising depth, humor and mind bending twists belying their length. Like a box of chocolates, these tasty little bites are genuine treats to savor.


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