Book Review: Spellcast

Maggie Graham went home for a quiet soak in the tub after being fired only to have the bathroom ceiling collapse on her. In definite need a some time away from Brooklyn’s bustle, Maggie decides a weekend at a Vermont Bed and Breakfast would suit perfectly. Maggie ends up auditioning at the Crossroads Theater, surprising herself by winning a role and rediscovers her passion. Although she loves immersing herself in theater life, Maggie begins wondering about Rowan Mackenzie, the strange director with a flair for assigning roles based upon what the would-be actor needs rather then what they audition for. As the season progresses, each character undergoes a transformation as they reconnect with parts of themselves that got lost along the way.

Ashford’s charming debut novel features well-developed characters and a different, subtle version of magic. The descriptions of summer theater and all the behind the scenes effort that goes into making a production work have a ring of authenticity lending credibility to the entire storyline. Elements of romance and the paranormal add to this light, uplifting tale where dreams really can come true.


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