Book Review: Spellbound

When Savannah, a witch investigating a series of murders made the fervent offer to trade her powers to have the outcome of her investigation turn out differently at the end of Waking the Witch, she could hardly guess the outcome of that wish. Savannah didn’t realize she lost her powers not due to that wish but to the meddling of another entity looking to forward their agenda. As Savannah and Adam work to restore her powers at a time when she needs them the most, witch hunters are closing in, a community of preternatural creatures are looking to “come out” thanks to an ancient prophecy and dark forces threaten them all. As most of the supernatural community remains gathered at a safe haven in Florida, Savannah and Adam with a handful of allies work to keep the world safe.

More a young adult fantasy then an adult book, this further illustrates Savannah’s lack of maturity as she indulges in ill timed temper tantrums, bouts of indecision and an inability to face confrontation. The relationship between Savannah and Adam appears to be stalled as neither will confess their feelings furthering the overall feel of a coming of age story. With the lack of action and story development, this suffers from the middle book syndrome and is not one of Armstrong’s best offerings.

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