Book Review: Soul Bound

Once again, identical twins Sunny and Rayne McDonald are caught between a rock and a hard place. Rayne, who desperately wanted to become a vampire thought she missed her chance when Magnus, the local vampire leader accidentally bit Sunny instead. Sunny still yearns to live a normal life and although drinking from the Holy Grail returned her to a human state, her life is far from normal. Sunny and Magnus are forced to go underground after disobeying an order from Pyrus, a powerful vampire with delusions of grandeur as he seeks to control not only the Vampire Consortium but eventually, the whole world.

Rayne’s new assignment with Slayer Inc., an organization charged with keeping rouge vampires under control, typically by eliminating them, is to locate the missing pair and deliver them to Pyrus and the Vampire Consortium for punishment. Controlling members of Slayer Inc. sympathize with Magnus and what he is trying to accomplish so Rayne is to look like she is working on the case while trying to find incriminating evidence against Pyrus. Rayne’s job is complicated by the arrival of Bertha, a slayer who would like nothing more then to make a name for herself by any means possible. As Rayne struggles to keep Sunny and Magnus safe, it seems as though everything she does turns out wrong. The only hope of saving Sunny lies with petitioning Hades who presents Rayne with an impossible choice that could cost her the love of her life.

Told almost entirely from Rayne’s perspective, readers have a chance to see what motivates her actions which much of the time, seem incredibly naive or downright stupid. Fast pacing with a lot of character building round out this rather dark tale that turns far-fetched with the addition of figures from Greek mythology who surprisingly, enjoy video games. The Blood Coven Vampire series is intended for young adults but already has a number of older fans as well so it is nice to see the protagonists’ maturity progress although the sisters have a long way to go.

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