Book Review: Song of the Serpent

Krunzle the Quick came to the city of Kerse with the goal of finding something worth stealing without being caught by the magic that guarded opulent riches just ripe for the picking. Plundering gems off an enchanted tree landed the hapless thief into a rescue mission for Gyllana, a nobleman’s wayward daughter and a mysterious artifact, but Krunzle wouldn’t be on his own. Thang-Sha the spellcaster has provided Krunzle with a very special pair of boots, a sword that only works in self-defense and a keeper in the form of Chirk, an intelligent snakelike creature who has unpleasant ways of keeping the thief in line. As Krunzle pursues Gyllana and her abductor, he ends up befriending an up and coming young troll and an abused mineworker. As their travels take them deep into dwarf country, it appears they have all been drawn there by a dream. That dream is about to turn into a nightmare as Thang-Sha intends to raise copious quantities of power, no matter the cost. It will fall to Krunzle and comrades to save the world by thwarting the spellcaster’s plans.

The latest Pathfinder novel is a delightful, stand-alone adventure fantasy set in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and if you aren’t a player, not to worry because this is pure good fun even without the game background. This adventure fantasy has a bit of everything including a quest, a damsel in not too much distress, evil powers, unexpected heroes and a strong storyline for perfect escapist reading.

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