Book Review: Slum Dogs of India

After graduating with a photography degree, Leyden chose to combine her love of dogs with a yearlong journey through India photographing the many street dogs that are to be found throughout the country. While focusing on the stray animals, Leyden got to see parts of India few tourists are privy to. This sensitive collection of color photos is divided into five chapters covering city, country and sleeping dogs that will charm dog lovers of all ages. Some pictures take on a “find Waldo” quality, as readers must really look to spot the dog amidst the cluttered backgrounds. Many come with personal notes about that particular animal and all show some aspect of canine temperament, loyalty or simple resignation. This is a charming book for dog lovers and for readers looking to make a monetary difference, there is a list of organizations and their website addresses located at the back. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.