Book Review: Shadowflame

As a new vampire Miranda has a lot to adjust to, not just a changed existence but also as the new Queen of the South married to David Solomon, Prime of the South there are layers of politics she doesn’t begin to understand. Although Miranda realizes her life will never be the same, she continues to try to hold on to some semblance of “normal” by pursuing her musical career that is just taking off. During what should have been a routine interview with a journalist, Miranda is attacked by an assassin who disturbingly, has simply vanished despite David’s complex security system.

With Primes and Queens from around the world showing up to pay their respects, grudging and otherwise to the new pair, Miranda quickly learns how easy it is to make powerful enemies. As danger from a number of directions including a determined assassin looms large, Miranda realizes just how expensive her desire to cling to humanity can be and the danger it puts those she loves in.

Second of the Shadow World series, this picks up shortly after the conclusion of Queen of Shadows and while it is helpful to have read the first book, most readers shouldn’t have any difficulty getting into the story or characters. There is plenty of action as Miranda is turning into quite the warrior while she grows into her new powers. The antagonist is devious enough to make a strong foil and as Miranda learns about David’s past, she realizes how little she knows about her husband. The conclusion, while satisfying leaves ample room for more adventures as clearly, the threat to Miranda is far from over.


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