Book Review: Sexiest Vampire Alive

After a video went viral, the vampire population has been forced to do damage control. In order to get an agreement with the US government declare the video a hoax, Gregori Holstein must wine and dine the President’s daughters including reclusive Abigail Tucker. As a young vampire Gregori, frequently taunted by remarks like a “bottle-fed baby” because he has only partaken of blood substitute, doesn’t appreciate being thrust into the forefront of negotiations but Abigail intrigues him. As a researcher, Abigail has devoted her life to finding a cure for her mother’s illness and now must get into remote China to procure precious, potentially life saving herbs.

A deal is struck whereby the President will help spread misinformation regarding the existence of vampires if Gregori will secretly take Abigail to China, get the plants and return home without anyone being the wiser. As Gregori and Abigail struggle through issues of mistrust and misunderstandings, they discover passion and a nest of evil that must be dealt with before any of them can return home again.

This enjoyable romp full of wit, humor and more then a few trust issues features the typical hunky male vampire although this is the first one I’ve heard about who walks around singing “I’m too sexy for my cape.”  The simple beginning storyline quickly builds complexity as antagonists arise from unexpected places. Gregori’s struggles to protect his people yet provide the answers Abigail needs provide an authentic feel as she races against the clock to save her mother. The sparks are fun to watch as the characters try to balance desires against duty.

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