Book Review: Seawitch

Twenty-seven years ago, the Seawitch and her crew vanished at sea without a trace so her mysterious return to Seattle harbor caused considerable speculation about the ghost ship. Harper Blaine, private investigator and a Greywalker capable of seeing and interacting with the Grey is hired by the insurance company that paid off the claim when Seawitch disappeared. The company is certain fraud is involved and wants Blaine to get to investigate the vessel for any signs of wrongdoing. The Seattle Police Department is equally interested which explains why Blaine is working with Detective Rey Solis, a seemingly dour man with a reputation for being skeptical of anything having to do with the paranormal. Solis has seen enough of Blaine’s work to be suspicious of her methods but the strangeness of the Seawitch and watching Blaine appear and disappear as she dips into the Grey begins to erode his beliefs. Turns out, Solis has more then a passing interest in Blaine’s abilities as tendrils of the paranormal touch his family. As Blaine works to solve the mystery it soon becomes clear there are some powerful entities involved and if she isn’t careful, this case could cost her dearly.

Seventh of the Greywalker series, this can be enjoyed by those new to Blaine’s world though of course it is better to have read the previous titles. The interaction between Blaine and Quinton, her technology savvy love interest is nice to see as they work together to improve their people skills. Richardson provides a bit more background history to Quinton’s character while Blaine is forced to reevaluate her first impression of Solis who is dealing with some serious issues of his own. This excellent urban fantasy puts Richardson in the same league as Jim Butcher or Carrie Vaughn.

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