Book Review: River Marked

After surviving a “surprise” wedding, coyote shifter and VW mechanic Mercy and her werewolf mate Adam, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack, headed to the peace and quiet of Washington’s Columbia River Gorge area. With unrestricted access to a closed campground and a lovely new camp trailer, the newlyweds were enjoying their honeymoon when they came across a seriously injured man hiding in a boat. During that rescue Mercy was hurt by what she thought was an aquatic plant only to learn later that she was marked by an ancient river beast now awake and hungry. The FBI was already in the area, convinced that a serial killer was on the loose when the truth was much scarier and more deadly. Aided by Coyote and a handful of Native American’s, a clever plan to destroy the monster comes together but making it work will be the death of those involved and even then, only Mercy will be able to kill what otterkind has awakened.

Book six of the Mercy Thompson series starts at a deceptively easy pace, then gains the momentum of a freight train speeding to the conclusion. What makes this installment special is the additional background and insights into Mercy’s heritage, how she came to be a walker despite being half Anglo and the way her and Adam are adapting to a life together. The otters role in the story won’t surprise readers but does add an interesting layer of complexity. A tantalizing hint about the challenges Mercy and Adam are about to face will certainly leave fans breathless for the next title in one of the best urban fantasy series on the market today. 


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