Book Review: Revolution World

What do you get when you combine nerdy romance with fire breathing cows set against a backdrop of revolution opposing an out of control government, a delightful if zany satire packed with twists and laughs. Around Ambrosia Springs, Texas in the not too distant future, Clio Somata, a genetic engineer and Seth Boucher, a computer programmer connected to a security group try to have a normal romance but normal doesn’t begin to describe their relationship as anarchy reigns.

Positively oozing small town Texas attitude, the small gaffs in the storyline can be overlooked in view of the well-developed protagonists, including a collection of nerds. Dieters beware, the characters are ALWAYS eating and not bland sounding rabbit food but dripping barbeque, mouthwatering chicken fried steak and an assortment of good ole TexMex that will leave your stomach growling. All in all, this is simply good fun.


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