Book Review: Revenge Served Cold

While in college Kathy Spence made a fateful decision that years later, would come back to haunt her. Happily to married law professor Elliot, Kathy suffers bouts of depression at her inability to have a baby. For his part, Elliot is supportive of Kathy but is perfectly content with just to two of them. Elliot is delighted when Ross, a former best friend from college got in touch years after a major falling out but something seems off during their quiet drink at the bar.

The night Elliot was meeting Ross, Kathy pushed past her fragile limits, crawled into a booze bottle and passed out only to be awakened later by the police. Elliot was killed in a hit and run accident with witnesses tying her vehicle to the crime and Kathy with no memory of the evening, it seems an open and shut case. Fortunately, Anne Marshall, a student of the late professor Elliot and amateur detective becomes convinced Kathy is the victim of a frame-up. What no one knows is that Anne isn’t working alone; she has the assistance of her father’s ghost who manages to point the investigation in the right direction and protect his beloved daughter from a devious, cold-blooded killer.

The killer’s identity is no secret in this delightful tale that focuses more on relationships and consequences then maintaining suspense. An arguably weak point in the story is despite being a law student who knows better, Anne withholds evidence from the police and defense attorney but this doesn’t take away from an entertaining, light mystery read.

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