Book Review: Reaper

This exciting sequel to Lightbringer furthers the story of Wendy, a powerful Reaper known as a Lightbringer who was nearly killed by her insane mother, known in the Next as The White Lady. Even with her soul in tatters and mad as a hatter, The White Lady was a powerful force to be reckoned with, especially as she was able to organize the Walkers who stalked the Next in search of young souls to devour. The White Lady’s death has not prevented the Walkers and other, more powerful creatures from continuing to organize into a dangerous force. Now Piotr, a Rider who assists spirits in going to what lies beyond, finds himself a target and with Lily and Elle’s help, must discover who is behind the power shift in Next.

Piotr was indispensable in helping Wendy survive her mother’s attack and is now unable to forget about the Lightbringer who continues to face severe challenges. With Piotr in the Next, Wendy is hard pressed to protect herself from those who seek to devour her soul in an attempt to gain power. Even her own family is out to get her so Wendy has little time to make good on an earlier promise to find a boy’s spirit cord thereby restoring him to his body.

Although this story is slow to get started, once it does the action is nonstop right up to the end which leaves plenty of unresolved issues to be dealt with in the next book. Readers new to the series will be well served by going back and starting at the beginning with Lightbringer as little time is spent backfilling the previous part of the story. Imaginative and well crafted, this fantasy will appeal to teens and adults alike. There are plenty of twists and surprises to keep this unusual ghost fresh, scary and unpredictable, don’t miss it.

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