Book Review: Ready Player One

The date is 2044 and the majority of earth’s citizens live in poverty with hunger gnawing at their bellies and no prospects for a brighter future. 1980’s obsessed game designer James Halliday provided an outlet through his interactive game, OASIS. People worldwide work, play and live within OASIS which has evolved through the years. A reclusive computer geek, Halliday died an heirless multibillionaire but before he died, he devised a devilish Easter egg hunt for three keys. Whoever finds the keys hidden within OASIS and solves the puzzle will win Halliday’s billions.

Like so many others, eighteen-year-old Wade Watts escapes his nasty aunt and the world in general through OASIS. Watt is convinced if he plays enough Atari and watches enough old sitcoms he will gain some insight into Halliday’s methods and amazingly, he succeeds in finding the first key. Naturally, there are gamers galore that are hot on his heels along with a few villains who want, among other things, to turn OASIS into a pay-to-play proposition that would mean most people could not afford their escape mechanism.

This unusual nostalgic romp through the 1980’s and depressing future holds special appeal to computer geeks but can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a solid quest in the classic sense. Following Halliday through his formative years and watching Watt work at finding the first key is a rare treat and a fun romp. Don’t miss out on the fun.


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