Book Review: Raven Cursed

As head of security for an upcoming summit between the Master of the City and a master vampire seeking permission to establish his own territory, skinwalker Jane Yellowrock has left the crowded streets of New Orleans for the “quiet” countryside of Asheville, North Carolina. Shortly after her arrival, werewolves attacked a couple of rafters, a direct challenge to Jane who couldn’t help but notice the presence of a grindy in the area as well. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jane’s witchy friend Molly and her family might be the were’s ultimate target while Molly’s sister Evangeline is practicing the worst kind of magic involving blood, demons and power.

Just as she needs Beast’s senses and strength the most, Jane’s often uneasy relationship with the big cat reaches an unexpected crisis. Though now infected with black leopard lycanthropy, love interest Rick LaFleur is unable to turn and should he succeed, the man Jane put in place to help will instead, gladly kill him. In the midst of all the murder and mayhem, Jane finds herself increasingly entangled with vampire politics and near romances, small comfort if the complex machinations in place should come to fruition. With everything that is going on, even Jane will find her abilities stretched to the limit.

The increasingly complicated subplots make reading previous books in the Jane Yellowrock series a must but that shouldn’t be a hardship for urban fantasy fans looking for a motorcycle riding, weapon toting, ass-kicking heroine. Despite making some serious mistakes, Jane tries to do the right thing while carrying out her duties, no easy task when your boss is an ancient Master of the City. Jane’s evolving relationship with Gregoire and other’s adds a fun new twist among many. The only downside to this book is the overlong descriptions which tend to unnecessarily slow the story without contributing that much to the setting.

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