Book Review: Power Dressing

When it comes to power dressing men have it easy, simply slap on a suit and tie and they’re good to go. Women on the other hand, are scrutinized and judged from hairdo to shoes, everything is fair game and open to speculation. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for example has been criticized for her variety of hair and clothing styles, for either not finding and sticking with a particular look, trying to look too masculine or too outdated or simply fill in your own assessment. Golbin examines the connections between politics and fashion from the three different angles of intention, perception and instigation and draws some interesting conclusions. It is particularly interesting seeing the concessions made to the public’s expectation of how a woman is supposed to dress varies from country to country.

Well illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, this work graphically demonstrates the many fashion do’s and don’ts. Using several past and current female political figures, this demonstrates the impact a style can have, rightly or wrongly, on a woman’s career. Whether you are a student of fashion design or interested in how to better present yourself in the workplace, this is a fascinating examination of women’s power dressing.


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