Book Review: Paintracking

Anyone living with chronic pain knows the frustration and depression that comes with ongoing bouts of bad days interspersed with a few good days. They wish for more good days but often have no idea what triggered them and don’t have the mental energy to keep a regular pain diary. Barrett, a fibromyalgia sufferer shows how chronic pain can be better managed through use of a personalized paintracking system that rates fatigue, energy levels, pain intensity and overall experience along with a few other telling factors. Using the paintracking system while exploring different medication treatments in close consultation with your doctor can yield surprisingly effective results. Barrett provides a wide range of different mental and physical techniques to help soothe chronic pain while working toward the goal of experiencing more good days then bad.

This easy to understand, thoroughly researched guide provides chronic pain sufferers and caregivers proven strategies to improve the quality of life. Instead of sweeping the issue of ongoing pain under the rug or invalidating it by telling sufferers they need to “suck it up” or worse, this book is an affirmation that chronic pain exists. It provides caregivers a better understanding of what the sufferers are experiencing and gives those stricken with chronic pain a set of tools to better manage their symptoms, emotional needs, home and work environments. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, know someone who does or are a healthcare provider, this book offers valuable insights into an often misunderstood medical problem. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.