Book Review: One Grave at a Time

Cat and Bones want nothing more then to enjoy some quiet together time but thanks in part to her unusual attraction for ghosts, that simply isn’t in the cards for them. Fabian, a ghost has requested Cat’s assistance in destroying the ghost of witch hunter Heinrich Kramer who died centuries earlier. Unfortunately, Kramer is able to manifest in the flesh on Halloween night during which time, he brutally incinerates three women and an accomplice in a bid to further his powers. Kramer is certain God approves of his demented actions and won’t stop unless Cat and Bones can figure out how to kill a ghost and that’s the big question, how do you kill something that is already dead.

It is a pleasure to watch Cat and Bones mature and finally begin working together as a team. Cat’s mom is adapting to her new life and several other favorite characters show up in the assorted subplots adding plenty of extra interest. A government agent is introduced as an antagonist determined to undermine the couple’s good work and it is a plotline that does not work as smoothly as could be hoped. The pacing is better then the previous Night Huntress title so overall, this is a nice addition to what has been an entertaining paranormal love story.

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