Book Review: Omega Days

People around California and indeed the world, were simply going about their daily lives when the unthinkable happened. A virus transmitted by bites from walking corpses quickly decimated entire cities as the domino effect of newly infected in turn began rising up and killing. In the midst of total chaos where military and government resources are hopelessly outmatched by the sheer numbers of zombies, small bands of people struggle to survive. The doctor who had some insight into the nature of the virus and thus perhaps an avenue toward discovering how to deal with it, took a header off the hospital roof rather then get eaten. A cunning televangelist and his entourage, a lone college student, a Catholic priest with a ragtag group and a couple of prison escapees to name a few, are all desperately searching for food, water and a safe haven where none exists.

If you are a fan of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead movies then you’ll love this fast moving apocalyptic tale with plenty of mayhem and drama. What is not so satisfying is the conclusion, which simply cuts off with all the different groups still on the run. Of course, readers get that this is a series but most series at least try to tie up some ends or resolve a few issues by the last page, Campbell just leaves you hanging. There is also precious little information about where or how the epidemic started though there are a few hints about some dark purpose at work. The character building, at least for those who survive, is strong and provides depth but at this point, it is difficult to see any resolution to the series. Though not the best zombie book available, this is a quick, entertaining read.

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