Book Review: North American Wildland Plants

Fine, painstakingly drawn illustrations coupled with detailed captions and written descriptions encapsulating the prominent characteristics of each plant make this an invaluable field guide for anyone interested in identifying wildland plants. The two hundred plants featured in this guide were carefully selected because of their abundance, desirability or poisonous qualities. From the dandelion to goldenrod, creosotebush to quaking aspen, all manner of wild plants are given the attention they deserve with descriptions of growth form, floral and fruiting characteristics, scientific and common names, lifespan, historic, food and medicinal uses, forage value and more. The extensive glossary will prove particularly helpful to the novice botanist, as will the many illustrations of notable plant characteristics located at the beginning of the first chapter.

Although written for the natural resource management professional, this guide will prove a valuable asset to students and laypersons who wish to expand their knowledge of America’s most important wild plants.


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