Book Review: Nocturne

After attending her friend’s ski wedding in Steamboat Springs, CO Nicole Whitcomb narrowly misses becoming buried in an avalanche only to skid off the road on a mountain pass during an intense blizzard. Reclusive Michael Tyler witnesses the accident and although he values his privacy for good reason, knows he must rescue the vehicle’s driver from certain death by hypothermia. Nicole awakens to discover herself in a spectacular home with a host who continues to keep her off balance by alternately blowing hot and cold. Michael is clearly put out by having to play host yet there are hints of a warmer person buried beneath the surface. Love and passion blooms between Michael and Nicole over the four days they are snowbound together and however much they might wish it otherwise, a chance encounter with a cougar clearly demonstrates the differences that force them to go their separate ways.

Reminiscent of an old gothic romance, this bittersweet love story involves the deepest secrets, dreams and passion of two beautifully developed characters. Readers won’t take long to figure out Michael is a vampire and its fun watching Nicole come to the realization even as she figures out what to do with a refrigerator stocked with little more then apples and carrots. Shared interests and cathartic examinations of the past form strong bonds between the pair. It is interesting to see how the characters handle their relationship once the roads open, and Nicole is free to leave. This is a different paranormal romance then the typical fare as there is little blood and gore, no power struggles or political machinations, just two characters stuck in an unusual circumstance.


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