Book Review: Night School

Picking up the tale of identical twins Sunny and Rayne McDonald immediately after Bad Blood, the girls are confronted with the unwelcome revelation that they are fairy princesses. Worse, following the assassination of the Queen of the Light Court, the fairies want Sunny in particular to accompany them to the royal court and take up the leadership mantle. With Rayne being a vampire and a Slayer and Sunny madly in love with Magnus, leader of the vampire Blood Coven, the last thing they want is to be dragged off to fairyland. The girls are hidden away at Riverdale Prep, a school for vampire slayers deep in the Swiss Alps with no outside contact. As Rayne copes with her need for blood and Sunny remains inconsolable at her separation from Magnus, they discover the school is hardly a safe haven. Their enemies are not deterred by the location change and when Sunny stumbles on the dark secrets hidden in a bunker called Night School, they literally face matters of life and death.

Fifth of the Blood Coven Vampire series takes a darker turn as Sunny and Rayne must come to terms with the sacrifices their parents made for them, especially their father who they despise for his abandonment. Naturally, things are never as simple as they initially appear which is the case throughout this engaging young adult urban fantasy. It is entertaining watching the twins mature through this fast-paced series that packs enough twists and humor to hold readers attention to the last page.


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