Book Review: My Life As a White Trash Zombie

When Angel Crawford awoke in the hospital emergency room, she was confused by her wound-free appearance as she continued to remember flashes of a horrible car accident complete with shattering glass and blood, a lot of blood. Not surprisingly, Angel’s blood tests came back positive for a host of drugs, she had overdosed yet again but instead of going to jail for breaking probation, she is told to take a job at the county morgue. For the first time in her life, Angel experiences a sense of accomplishment though she just can’t believe how appealing brains have become. As Angel comes to terms with being a zombie, she realizes there is a serial killer on the loose and whoever it is, they know about and are targeting zombies. Working at the morgue places Angel on the right side of the law for a change and soon she is entertaining romantic thoughts about Marcus, a deputy who is everything her deadbeat boyfriend is not. The problem is, can Angel and Marcus identify the killer before she’s the next victim.

This light, entertaining read puts a different spin on zombies. Angel’s inner dialog is amusing and just a bit sad at first as she clearly knows what a loser she has become and expects the worst at every turn. Watching this character grow while coming to terms with her new existence is a treat, especially when it comes to dealing with her father and boyfriend. Think Zombie Lite does chic-lit and you get the idea, simple good fun.


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