Book Review: More Dream Homes

From Cape Town to Nantucket and everywhere in between, this lavishly illustrated volume presents a broad range of decorating styles. Whether you have a small apartment flat, a gargantuan house or a cute vacation getaway cabin, look no further for design inspiration. The eclectic London home of a mixed media artist reflects her many interests as it includes a shell encrusted guest bathroom wall, mosaics and paper montages in addition to her beautiful quilts. It’s not a look that will appeal to everyone but the vibrant riot of color and texture are a reflection of the creative occupants. This concept is effectively handled by a well-traveled Dorset collector who filled his old remodeled schoolhouse with furniture and articles from around the globe. If a sleek, contemporary look is more your style there are several instances where small residences have a spacious feel thanks to well-designed layouts that make use of every inch. The mountain retreat on the South African coast uses light colored wood, large windows, open rafters and semi-rustic furniture to create a beautiful home that seems to draw the gorgeous scenery inside.

While any of the home interiors showcased in this collection are available to those with deep enough pockets, many demonstrate how a few select pieces or a collection of objects can be incorporated to reflect the personality and taste of the homeowner on a budget. Over 800 full color photographs and brief descriptions accompany each home thus providing a general feel of the residence and its occupants. From the design student to the new homeowner looking for inspiration, this fantastic book will prove an invaluable reference. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.