Book Review: Modern Furniture 150 Years of Design

This full color comprehensive collection of innovative, often timeless furniture design showcases the best and sometimes worst of the past one hundred fifty years. Emphasizing the work of individual designers, several furniture pieces feature unusual materials such as newsprint, nylon rope, leather and rags in addition to the more traditional wood, glass and plastic. Brief descriptions in English, French and German accompany every photograph include something about the construction, materials or designer. Whether it’s a polyurethane cactus coat rack or a futuristic chest of drawers constructed from fiberglass and riveted sheet aluminum, many of the pieces shown push the design envelope in unexpected directions. One thing that really comes through in this collection, although the materials frequently vary, the sweeping lines, proportions and overall look of furniture made a hundred years ago are not that different from those that define contemporary pieces today. This volume will appeal to interior and graphic designers as well as anyone interested in furniture and furniture designers.
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