Book Review: Metal Style

If the thought of reorganizing precious workspace then purchasing the necessary tools and equipment to solder and do creative torch work sends you into a tailspin then explore the possibilities of cold joining as demonstrated in Dougherty’s new book. Using common tools, wire, a bit of sheet metal and assorted odds and ends, the author shows how to properly rivet, create working hinges, pour colored epoxy resin using silly putty and much more. Each technique is meticulously photographed and explained step-by-step plus invaluable reference charts are included that make matching the right size tool to the project a snap.

Additionally, several of the projects like the organic feeling Fold-formed Leaf Bracelet demonstrates how to metal form and couple lovely texturing with decorative riveting. The Found Object Sandwich Ring shows how to assemble assorted odds and ends that are simply too neat to throw out into an adjustable ring so it can be worn on different fingers. With its combination of shapes, metals and textures the Cold Fusion Necklace is a particularly nice example of what can be done with a mastery of these simple techniques.

While a beginner could master the techniques shown, this is geared more toward the intermediate wire worker/jewelry maker primarily because their experience in handling small pieces and tools will make the processes go smoother. Clear, close-up photos demonstrate everything from how to properly load and hold a jewelers saw to forming tube rivets. The projects not only teach cold joining skills, they are trendy, wearable and easily adapted to creative interpretation so take the plunge and add cold joining to your next piece.

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