Book Review: Meals in Minutes

While most everyone likes a good home cooked meal, busy schedules have a tendency to disrupt the best of intentions. Gooseberry Patch’s 10th Anniversary release of Meals in Minutes is perfect for those days when time is short and the family is hungry. Divided into six chapters starting with “Market Fresh & Fast” and ending with “Perfectly Prepared Pantry”, this flat-laying spiral bound cookbook has something for every taste. Although some recipes require baking for up to forty-five minutes, they are easy to throw together and many need only fifteen minutes to bring to the table. Nearly all the recipes lean on canned or frozen vegetables, prepared doughs, canned soups, precooked meats and other pantry friendly staples.

With flavorful ingredients like Genoa salami, provolone cheese, ham and green peppers, the Hoagie Salad is sure to become a summertime favorite. Five fresh vegetables and pasta in a mustard vinaigrette make a heart healthy meal choice. If you have some baked ham left over, whip up the Skillet Ham & Cheese with its smooth sour cream and Swiss cheese sauce. Don’t even think about passing on dessert with treats like Lemon Pastries that bake up in twenty minutes, no bake Peanut Butter Power Squares or the Slice of Sunshine Cake with pineapple and mandarin oranges. These recipes are simple enough for beginner cooks to hone their skills on yet tasty enough for seasoned pros looking for a quick potluck dish. As with most Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, this is packed with lots of tips, kitchen wisdom and witticisms as well as handy pantry lists so you’re never caught short at mealtime.


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